Hire an expert for your programming homework,
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Hire an expert for your programming homework or online class

Custom created programs/project solutions for all computer science assignments

It is very difficult to quote a standard price for course assignments and projects for all universities and colleges. Some high quality institutes may have very challenging computer science courses requiring hours of study and lab time for each project. The prices shown below are estimates but you can always simply upload your assignment details and we can then give you a FREE no-obligations estimate of our prices within a few hours. In fact we may actually do a few questions for free for you to help you build confidence in our services.

We pride ourselves in doing high quality work and can confidently tell you an accurate price for your homework after looking at the exact questions and details. For a typical non-programming assignment the price for a complete assignment depends on the number of questions, their difficulty and the deadline required. An assignment of medium difficulty can cost more than a difficult assignment if there is a strict time limit. For programming related projects the price also depends on the length of the project, programming language, documentation and testing requirements etc.

One Flat Price. Get that high grade in your computer science course that you need! is not a tutoring service and we take pride in providing a simple option of purchasing (at the lowest possible price), custom created solutions to programming and non-programming computer science assignments that are also guaranteed to be correct. Since each assignment is different and each computer science specialist has his/her special area of expertise, we can easily offer you the lowest flat price by ensuring you are assigned an expert in the your assignment area. Remember that at our experts will do ALL your work and make sure that you can download a printable and ready-to-submit (Word, PDF etc.) completed assignment. So let us worry about your computer science homework and get a free no obligations quote/price for your assignment.

Sample Price Guide for Computer Science Homework Services*
Description Programming Language Deadline Price (USD)
1st Year University/College (Freshman) Programming Assignment Java 7 days $59.95
1st Year University/College (Freshman) Programming Assignment C++ 7 days $64.97
1st Year University/College (Freshman) end of term project Java 14 days $149.97
2nd Year - Non Computer Science Major Course Webpage/HTML 12 hours $64.95
1st/2nd Year Algorithms Written Assignment N/A 7 days $49.95
*The prices given above are simple estimates and the final price always depends on the difficulty of questions, availability of the right expert and the delivery time. Please note that the final price we offer may be less than quoted above and we cannot provide an accurate price until you start the process to get a price quote for your CS assignment.
Three Easy Steps

Getting expert created solutions to your computer science project/assignment is as easy as 1-2-3. You send us your requirements and problem questions and we will find a math genius to give you a no-obligation FREE price quote. You can then make a secure payment over the internet and once the payment is received, your personal computer science guru will start working on the project. As soon as the project is complete, an email will be sent to you informing that solutions are ready to be downloaded. That’s it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the CS project or assignment we complete for you does not get the grade we guarantee, then we will return your money. You either get the grade you are promised or your money back.

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