Hire an expert for your programming homework,
written papers, assignments or online class


Hire an expert for your programming homework or online class

Do you have the skills to make money with your C++ programming abilities?

If you’ve got the skills to complete computer science assignments and provide CPP/C++ homework solutions you’re just the person we seek. If you can easily use C++ authoring tools such as Visual Studio etc. and have had some experience creating C++ homework solutions you can put your skills to good use and make money completing homework assignments. To determine your skill level and ability, you will be given a number of tests before you are allowed to have an account or an opportunity to bid on any projects. Along with creating CPP programs and homework solutions, most of the projects you get paid for will also including writing explanations of how the software works. Therefore we expect you to have excellent communications skills and the ability to describe program functions in simple yet effective language. If you are accepted as one of our C++ experts, you will be given an account on our sister website i.e. through which you can log in and browse the list of available assignments and projects related to CPP.

Who do we hire?
We are hiring people who have at least a college degree in Computer Science and who are located in North America or Europe with access to all that may be required to create excellent solutions for CPP projects at the university or college level. The people we hire always have strong communications skills and native English writing ability. They get to set their own work load as they can pick the orders they wish to bid for and are never forced to work on any project they may not like. Our ideal experts have completed at least six or more university level programming courses and have a strong background in using CPP to create custom solutions.

How do I get paid for working on C++ Projects?

We make payments to your PayPal account and it is required for you to have a verified PayPal account where you can receive all your payments. Payments are issued on a monthly basis exclusively through PayPal.

Minimum Requirements for a C++ expert:
  • A high level of C++ programming ability with knowledge of other programming languages being a plus.
  • Great ability to solve and create explained solutions to typical written assignments (e.g. algorithms/data structure related questions).
  • Valid PayPal account.
Get Started
  1. Send an email to with your resume as an attachment.
  2. Please Fill out the expert sign up form at
  3. We will contact you for any tests to judge your abilities once we have reviewed what you send us and will provide you with a login/password if we accept your sign up.

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